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Which is the right set for you? あなたにぴったりのセットは?

Smart Doll's are available in two different flavors - a "Sports Bra Set" & "Apparel Set." Guys normally wear bra's at home when nobody is looking but our Smart Doll guys don't which is why we've given them a pair of Boxer Shorts instead. If you are buying a Smart Doll for the first time then choosing either set is enough - you do not need to get anything else in addition - but extra accessories will enhance your Smart Doll experience.
 If you are going to keep your Smart Doll at home or in the office and prefer them skimpy then go for the Sports Bra Set - but the Apparel Set is way better value for your cash.

Choose the Apparel set if you plan on taking them out n about - and save money at the same time as it will cost you more to buy the apparel set items separately. If you take them out in the Sports Bra Set then they may catch a cold. Alternatively you may want to go for the Sports Bra Set and then choose to customize the look and feel of your Smart Doll by buying additional apparel items. You can see what items the current Apparel Set consists of on this page.
スマートドールは二つのセットで用意しています。「Sports Bra Set」と「Apparel Set」だ。スポーツブラセットにはスポーツブラと下着が付いています。ブラーを密かに家で着用している男子は世の中にいますが、スマートドール男子はそんなことやりません。なのでボクサーショーツを履かせています。

お家やオフィスで肌露出多めに展示したい場合はスポーツブラセットは十分ですが、アパレルセットはかなりお得。スマートドールを外に連れて行く目的であればアパレルセットをオススメします。スポーツブラセットで外に連れて行くと、スマートドールちゃんは風邪をひくかもしれないのでご注意ください。 もしくはスポーツブラセットを選んでいただき、スマートドールのアパレルでご自分でコーディネートできます。


Would you like to remove the Instabewbs filter for all busts in product listings? You can change your preferences in the footer menu. 商品一覧に出ているおっぱい写真のインスタバストフィルターを非表示にしますか?設定は今後フッターで変更できます。

CJ T-Shirt

CJ Tシャツ

CJ T-Shirt

CJ Tシャツ

Regular price Regular price ¥5,500

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Over the past 4 years since I launched Smart Doll, T-shirt designs have changed quite a bit in terms of material and design. While I have always tried to future proof design for packaging and web, I didn’t use the same process for designing apparel until recently. Before we used to design apparel in the same way high street fashion labels design theirs - get something out there and maybe somebody will like it - maybe not.

This is not what I wanted from an apparel line. I want to design stuff that everybody wants and for this reason, we now have a longer design cycle to create apparel items that look great even in a few years time - and not just for one season. The new design process has been applied to this T-shirt too - the collar width, fit and length of the waist, shoulder length etc has been carefully calculated through a load of prototypes. The material stretches in both ways and can accommodate larger bust sizes too. On a side note - the prototypes go into the Mirai Store outlet as one-offs.

The CJ logo is a weathered look and material will start to feel fuzzy almost like it has been pigment dyed.

Another thing about our new design process is that apparel items must go well with a multiple amount of other items and not just one item - this tee goes great with just about any of our bottoms to the bikini bottoms that come with the Black Bikini.
ユーズド感たっぷりのCJ Tシャツ。ほとんど何でも似合う設計にし、扱いやすいアイテムにしました。ベア天竺で作り、大きい胸サイズにも対応。CJロゴもユーズド風にし、生地がすぐフワフワ感になり、まるでピグメント加工されているような演出。
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