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Power Extension Torso for Girls (Milk Color)

女子用電源延長胴体パーツ (ミルク色)

Power Extension Torso for Girls (Milk Color)

女子用電源延長胴体パーツ (ミルク色)

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How much is ¥15,000 JPY in my currency?

Are you plagued with First World Problems such as reaching under the table and twisting your neck just to plug in a darn power cable or getting depressed with looking at stale boring power outlets?

Well be plagued with these First World Problems no more - get yourself a Power Extension Torso cleverly code named "PET." All you need to do is to swap out your current torso using the instructions in the Welcome Guide and then place your Smart Doll on your table to prevent reach-n-sprain-neckticus. This is also without a doubt the cutest looking power socket on Earth. Power your rice cooker or even a MacBook.

Before buying, note the following:-
#You need a Smart Doll to use this product or your table top will look...interesting.
#The length of the extension cable is 1 meter long.
#PET is designed for use in countries that are 100volts. I've used this in the UK (which is 240V) but if you are going to do the same then do so at your own risk.
#The socket is the same as the ones used in the US but is not compatible with appliances that have one side of the socket larger than the other.
#The Power Extension Torso does not affect movement of the thighs and you can pose as you normally do.
#We also got USB hubs for your Smart Doll too.

日常の生活に欠かせないのはコンセント。しかしコンセントはフラットでつまらないデザインがほとんど。だれもがコンセントのデザインをもっとエクサイティングに変えてくれないだろうと思い、この「パワー・エクステンション・トルソ」(Power Extension Torso)を作ることに。炊飯器はもちろん、パソコンや洗濯機なども内蔵している電源延長ケーブル経由で電気を供給してくれる。これでつまらないコンセント刺し生活とはおさらばだ。このスマートドールコンセントはあなたの素敵な電気ライフをサポートしてくれます。