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Smart Doll Girls Body (Tea color)

スマートドール女子素体 (ティー色)

Smart Doll Girls Body (Tea color)

スマートドール女子素体 (ティー色)

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Body Only (no head)

Regular price Regular price ¥35,000

How much is ¥35,000 JPY in my currency?

First World problems can get pretty bad - like you got many outfits for your Smart Doll but don't have time to change them. If this fits your description then you need another Smart Doll body. The body comes with the Telescopic Stand for extra stability.

The body comes with S bust but if you want other sizes then you can buy them separately. You may also want to check out the option hand parts too.

If you are studying art or fashion then you probably want to order the body with the head too.

Height is about 59cm, weight is about 600 grammes and the neck joint is 5mm wide. You can learn more about Smart Doll body in this post.

The body also comes with a soft vinyl chip for you to test suspicious dark clothing that other manufacturers make. Also included is a 5cm silicone tube (the same one on the neck and telescopic stand) as a spare replacement.