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Option Hand Pack 2 for girls (Tea color)

女子用オプションハンドパック2 (ティー色)

Option Hand Pack 2 for girls (Tea color)

女子用オプションハンドパック2 (ティー色)

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Option hand parts for Smart Doll girls which include "open hand" "boob-cover" "grip" and "chop." Check out the photos in the Milk Color product page to see examples of these hands in action.
These parts are now made from soft vinyl which makes them easier to put on so you don't need to carry around that portable hairdryer anymore...
Be careful not to leave the hands in jean pockets for too long as there is a high risk of staining. Do note that if you want your girls to hold hands you need two of these sets.

The grip hand was challenging to make due to how far the fingers curve inwards - because of this, please expect a certain amount of wabi-sabi on the inside of the fingers.

This product is sold as a set of 4 pairs - we do not have plans to sell them separately.

女子用オプションハンドパック2 (ミルク色)です。「開き手」、「手ブラ」、「握り手」と「チョップ」のハンドパーツが入っています。ティー色の商品ページの写真で使用例の写真がいっぱい載っています。

交換がしやすい軟質シフビで出来ています。が、軟質になった分、ジーパンのポケットに長時間入れないでください。色移りする可能性大です。繋ぎ手を再現するにはこのセット x 2が必要です。