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Bridal Gown 2016 (Red Rose)

ブライダルガウン2016 (レッドローズ)

Bridal Gown 2016 (Red Rose)

ブライダルガウン2016 (レッドローズ)

Regular price Regular price ¥20,000

How much is ¥20,000 JPY in my currency?

This years Bridal Gown has a rose theme and looks gorgeous! No veil this time round as I didn't feel it needed one. I recommend using the telescopic or air stand with the gown. Only fits S bust.

The red gown may stain slightly around the bust when worn for a long time which is why we include an outlet class S bust part for milk color only. Do be careful about staining around the torso and arms too but this should not happen if you are only having your girl wear the dress for a few days only.

The white bridal dress does not stain so does not include an extra bust (and don't ask for one either!)

This is a limited edition item due to the seasonal material used (not my fault).




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