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Short Yukata Black

ショート浴衣 (黒)

Short Yukata Black

ショート浴衣 (黒)

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How much is ¥14,000 JPY in my currency?

The traditional Yukata looks great - but not practical for everyday use. The Short Yukata solves problems like:-

Easy access to pockets on jeans (traditional Yukata has no pockets)

Easy to walk (traditional Yukata only allows pigeon steps)

Looks great with the default S bust - looks kinda OK with the Medium and Large bust. Made in Kyushu Japan.

ショート浴衣であれば機能的に移動できる!Sバストは一番いいですが、MとLはなんとかOK。XLもOKですが、帯は閉められない。それがいいという方はいると思いますが ^^ 九州産。