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Smart Studio Light


Smart Studio Light


Regular price Regular price ¥8,900

How much is ¥8,900 JPY in my currency?

Smart Dolls are models so it stands to reason that they be illuminated by lights fit for a model - introducing Studio Light - I designed this together with HobbyLight who also helped manufacture it - they offer a 2 year warranty too.

The light is USB powered so you can plug it into a mobile battery or even the USB Torso. There are no instructions because its pretty straight forward to put together - plug in and use the slider on the cable to turn on and adjust the brightness. Extends from about 47cm - 67cm. Color temperature is 3000K. Does not come with a USB power adapter.

The back of the LED can become hot - there is a black nob to prevent you from touching the back of it unless you have thin ET like fingers. Keep away from kids or animals - not that I'm grouping kids and animals into the same category.