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Smart Doll - Melody


Smart Doll - Melody


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Melody - her looks pretty much sums up her personality - confident, smart and very focused on her life goals. At the same time however, she is a girl who loves to care for others. Folks tell her that she should be a model what with her photogenic looks but she prefers to focus on her career and studies.

Melody looks particularly good with a pair of Low Rise Jeans and the Off Shoulder Shirred Blouse.

Just a note that we expect very high demand for Melody - if she goes out of stock then don't do the harakiri thing - keep calm and wait for more stock as melody is a Frontline girl.

Read the Buyers Guide to find out what the Sports Bra and Apparel sets come with.


メロディーちゃんにはローライズジーンズオフショルダー シャーリングブラウスがよく似合います。