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Busts おっぱい (がいっぱい)

The bust that comes with Smart Doll by default is "Small" but there are many apparel items that look good with larger bust sizes - some apparel items are made specifically for larger bust sizes.
The oldest known paintings date back 40,000 years - probably by Neanderthals - I thought that I would follow the tradition and create some painted busts too.

The painted busts have not only the headlights, but also the collar bone, sides of boobs and back painted too - the paint we use is the same soft vinyl paint as the type used on the faces which should not rub off unless you are constantly rubbing them - do note that Smart Doll busts do not have the same powers as Aladin's lamp so don't rub them.



Bust Option Parts (Milk) おっぱいオプションパーツ (MILK)

These parts are for Mirai (Classic & Anniversary), Kizuna, Ivory, Julia, Melody, Chitose, Starlight and Cherry.

これらのおっぱいはみらい (クラシックとアニバーサリー)、きずな、アイボリー、ジュリア、メロディー、スターライト、インフィニティとチェリー専用です。

Bust Option Parts (Tea) おっぱいオプションパーツ (TEA)

These parts are for Sana, Ebony, Symphony and Summer

Bust Option Parts (Cocoa) おっぱいオプションパーツ (Cocoa)

These parts are for Harmony and Ruby.

Bust Option Parts (Other) おっぱいオプションパーツ (そのた)

Boob Piggy Bank

Boob Piggy Bank

No Plans to Restock 再入荷予定なし