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Which is the right set for you? あなたにぴったりのセットは?

Smart Doll's are available in two different flavors - a "Sports Bra Set" & "Apparel Set." Guys normally wear bra's at home when nobody is looking but our Smart Doll guys don't which is why we've given them a pair of Boxer Shorts instead. If you are buying a Smart Doll for the first time then choosing either set is enough - you do not need to get anything else in addition - but extra accessories will enhance your Smart Doll experience.
 If you are going to keep your Smart Doll at home or in the office and prefer them skimpy then go for the Sports Bra Set - but the Apparel Set is way better value for your cash.

Choose the Apparel set if you plan on taking them out n about - and save money at the same time as it will cost you more to buy the apparel set items separately. If you take them out in the Sports Bra Set then they may catch a cold. Alternatively you may want to go for the Sports Bra Set and then choose to customize the look and feel of your Smart Doll by buying additional apparel items. You can see what items the current Apparel Set consists of on this page.
スマートドールは二つのセットで用意しています。「Sports Bra Set」と「Apparel Set」だ。スポーツブラセットにはスポーツブラと下着が付いています。ブラーを密かに家で着用している男子は世の中にいますが、スマートドール男子はそんなことやりません。なのでボクサーショーツを履かせています。

お家やオフィスで肌露出多めに展示したい場合はスポーツブラセットは十分ですが、アパレルセットはかなりお得。スマートドールを外に連れて行く目的であればアパレルセットをオススメします。スポーツブラセットで外に連れて行くと、スマートドールちゃんは風邪をひくかもしれないのでご注意ください。 もしくはスポーツブラセットを選んでいただき、スマートドールのアパレルでご自分でコーディネートできます。


Would you like to remove the Instabewbs filter for all busts in product listings? You can change your preferences in the footer menu. 商品一覧に出ているおっぱい写真のインスタバストフィルターを非表示にしますか?設定は今後フッターで変更できます。


We want to make sure that Smart Doll is really what you are looking for. The answers to the following questions can be found by reading the introductory post and the before you buy post. ご購入される前にスマートドールのデザイン思想を読んで理解してください。手作り商品のため、スマートドール本体にはホクロ、凹み、非対称、ユーズドアパレルにはほつれ、穴、むらなどが商品の表面に出ていることを理解した上でご購入ください。同意する項目をチェックし、決済フォームまでお進みください。 スマートドール購入履歴のないアパレルのみの注文はキャンセルされます。

1. True or false? You prefer to support a company that put the needs of the customer before the needs of employees - even if this means making employees work long hours for low wages so that savings can be passed onto the customer. 1. スマートドールのスタッフは、在庫が切れないように、夜遅くまで働かないといけない。

2. True or false? If you place a consecutive order, we will always be able to combine with your previous unshipped order so that you can save on shipping. 2. お客さんが商品を低価格で購入できるよう、スマートドールのスタッフや外注先の賃金を極力安くしないといけない。

3. True or false? Smart Doll products are of perfect symmetry and free of blemishes. 3. 本当か嘘か?スマートドール商品は左右対称で至らない箇所はひとつもない。

4. When will your package be shipped? 4. 発送時期はいつ?

Which is the right body type for you? あなたにぴったりのボディータイプは?

While the head and hands will be vinyl - you have a choice of two different types of body - one is referred to as Cortex and the other as Vinyl. Both body types are pre-built.

Both are made from the same 3D data and share pretty much the same shape and form - all our apparel, accessories and body parts are compatible with both body types. The fundamental difference is the material and the way they are constructed. Vinyl being more expensive does not make it better than Cortex. Neither type is more superior than the other and they both have their own strengths depending on your needs.

To find out more about the differences then read the Cortex or Vinyl post which should give you more info to make a decision.
スマートドールでは2種類の材質のボディーを展開している。ひとつは「コーテックス」(CORTEX)、もうひとつは「ソフビ」(VINYL) と呼ばれるものだ。別途記載がない限り、どちらの材質を選んでも頭と手はソフビだ。上の画像を見ても違いがわからないという方はコーテックスを選ぶことをお勧めする。コーテックスボディーもソフビボディーも組み立て完成品だ。




Suzaku Kururugi


Suzaku Kururugi


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1ST BATCH (一次)

Regular price Regular price ¥69,800 (¥76,780 税込)

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Shipping Note 出荷時期
Ships in 2019/11 発送時期は2019/11

About the product

Suzaku Kururugi is one of the main characters of the worldwide hit anime series Code Geass and now for the first time ever as a 60cm tall fashion doll. Suzaku comes with a telescopic stand, Ashford Academy boys uniform (jacket & trousers), a pair of shoes and leggings with neck sleeve as a color stain prevention measure - and just like all our products, both Suzaku and his apparel is made in Tokyo.


While Suzaku comes with leggings and a neck sleeve as a stain prevention measure - there is nothing on the *outside* surface of the jacket and trousers to prevent staining which *may* occur if his hand is in contact with the surface for prolonged periods.

However, some folks who bought the first release of Lelouch 2 years ago said that color from the outside of the Jacket must have seeped through the white lining which stained the body after 6 months of leaving the uniform on - we can't do more than the stain prevention measures we have already taken and do not provide warranty upon any staining that may occur from the uniform - if this is not cool with you then please refrain from purchasing this product.

Take note that the wig (only one included) in these product photos has been set with some styling spray - they do not arrive styled - feel free to style the wig as you see fit by watching this video!

There are no plans to sell his wig separately. Suzaku will come with the guys Slim body which now has smaller feet.

As you know, Suzaku has a darker complexion when compared to Lelouch so we developed a new skin tone that we call "Cinnamon" - Suzaku is the first male Smart Doll to use this color and he looks great! Where possible please come into Mirai Store Tokyo to have a look at him in person!

About Production

Smart Doll is hand made in Japan - the frame in Yamagata Shinjo, Shell parts in Katsushika Tokyo, Assembly and QC in Gotanda Tokyo while apparel is made in Kyushu and Tokyo. 
Comes with 1 year warranty (because we believe in our product).

About pre-ordering

To set expectations, we ask that you read and understand our design and company philosophy before making a purchase of any Smart Doll products. By purchasing this product you agree that you understand the specifications of our hand made products.

We expect to open pre-orders on 2019/09/06 Friday JST. The exact time has not been decided so please use the “Notify me when available” feature. Do note that the “Notify Me” function will just send you a mail when this item is available for pre-order and does not mean that your order is secured just by using this function. We also cannot guarantee deliver of the email as we currently do not have access to all servers on the Internets - not until the AI functionality of Smart Doll is complete ;-)

There will be two batches - if you are quick to order and manage to order from Batch 1 then your order ships no later than Nov 1st 2019. The number of dolls in batch 1 are fixed and are actually ready - we just need Sunrise to issue license documents before we can ship. We cannot ship until these documents are issued.

If you are not so quick and only manage to order from Batch 2 then your order will ship no later than Feb 10th 2020. All orders in Batch 2 are made to order.

When we switch from Batch 1 to Batch 2, there may be a few seconds where both show "SOLD OUT" - just keep calm and refresh the page. 

We plan to keep Batch 2 open for 7 days until 2019/09/13 AM JST. However, if we reach production capacity early then Batch 2 pre-orders will close. You cannot buy or pick up this item in Mirai Store.


Orders are limited to two of this product per person. Folks who “accidentally” ordered more will have their order canceled and unfortunately won’t be able to place an order on the store again.

Because this is a licensed product, we cannot process any refunds unless the product is faulty - please take note when ordering. If this is not cool then refrain from purchasing or wait for reviews - but then again it may be too late.

Note that you cant order any apparel or accessories at the same time - nor can we combine orders with pre-order products. If you order anything separately - it will be shipped separately. If you ordered something at the same time then we will have to cancel your entire order and cannot reinstate it. This is due to payment, logistics and licensing constraints for this product that we have no control over.

Take note that we take payment at time of pre-order. If you are in Japan and choose bank transfer as a method of payment - please pay within 3 days of ordering or the system will think you are a troll and automatically cancel and restock.

Warning to re-sellers

If you have a look on auction sites you will find very little Smart Doll products when compared to other brands. The reason is that we have measures to deter re-sellers from making profits from fans.
All Smart Dolls come with serial numbers. The warranty is only valid if the owner provides the name/address/phone number of the person who bought the product meaning that the reseller will have to disclose these details to the owner - meaning that replacement parts will be sent to the original buyers address.
We also have algorithms that aim to detect reseller activity - such orders are cancelled. 

About fraud filtering

We process thousands of orders on a regular basis but in order to do so we need to use automated risk assessment tools to flag orders which have a high risk of being fraudulent. Any decision to cancel an order is final and we reserve the right to not reinstate the order or disclose details/reason for cancelation.

More Code Geass Smart Dolls?!

The rerelease of Lelouch and future Code Geass Smart Doll's will live here.

©SUNRISE/PROJECT L-GEASS Character Design ©2006-2017 CLAMP・ST


国内外の人気アニメタイトル「コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ」よりルルーシュ最大の友人であり敵でもある枢木スザクがファッションドール「スマートドール」になって登場。

スザクには、スマートドール男子ボディースリムタイプ x 1、ウィッグ x 1、伸縮スタンド、アッシュフォード学園 男子制服のジャケットとズボン、色移り対策用のレギンスとネックスリーブと靴が付属。












一次 (1ST BATCH) の数は決まっています。一次で予約できた方には2019年11月1日までに発送します。

二次 (2ND BATCH) は完全受注生産となり、2020年の2月10日までの発送となります。二次の予約期間は7日間(2019/09/13午前まで)となり、準備可能数量に達し次第、ご予約お申込み受付を終了とさせていただきます。一次から二次に切り替えるときには一瞬両方は「売り切れ」になる状態は考えられます。まずは落ち着いてページをリフレッシュ!










全てのスマートドール 本体にはシリアル番号がついています。保証を受ける際に、購入した者の住所、名前、電話番号を提示しなければなりません。また、交換パーツは購入者の住所に発送されます。なのでオークションや中古などで買った者の住所には発送しません。




©SUNRISE/PROJECT L-GEASS Character Design ©2006-2017 CLAMP・ST