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3M Softback Sanding Sponge


3M Softback Sanding Sponge


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How much is ¥1,500 JPY in my currency?

We use this at work for many things:-

  • remove any dirt that may have gotten onto the surface of the skin.
  • remove any snail marks - a snail mark is when you accidentally bump the surface of the skin on a hard surface (could even be your fingernail) which will leave a snail like trail.
  • depending on the damage, these sponges can remove very slight staining but really depends on the damage.

The green sponge is very fine while the blue is not-so-fine. Use the blue one first to rub against the surface. Then use the green one to smoothen the surface out. If you rub too much with the green sponge then the surface will end up being shiny - in which case you should use the blue one to roughen it up again.

Do not use the sponges on the face make up or painted boobies or you will end up crying. Please use these sponges at your own risk. Before you buy you should shop around for cheaper prices - I charge a bit more cos I need somebody to inspect, cut and bag these items.

Each piece is roughly 11cm x 7cm.