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Jeans (Classic Version)


Jeans (Classic Version)


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Our jeans are designed so that they show off the slender look of the Smart Doll body. They are such a snug fit that it can be difficult to sit them down without them leaning backwards a bit.

All jeans are hand washed to be unique - no single pair are ever the same. Due to the nature of the material, Jeans may cause color staining on the skin of the doll so don't leave them on for long periods of time (or have hands in pockets or arms touching the side of the jeans). We have washed the Jeans already but washing them once again in cold water can reduce the risk of staining.

Classic Jeans go well with apparel that do not show the belly (like t-shirts) but Low Rise Jeans look better with apparel that do show the belly (like Tie Front Shirt) - but its really up to you!




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