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Tamashii Pendant


Tamashii Pendant


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How much is ¥3,000 JPY in my currency?

To be honest I never batted an eyelid to accessories such as pendants until I realized how much they contribute to the look and feel of our Smart Doll products. I had Ebony wear a pendant I picked up from a market for a while but when I removed it she looked so different.

Unless we make it - I don't usually have my girls wear it which meant only one thing - we had to make our own pendants.

I met Sakamoto-san and together we made this pendant - one side has the kanji "Tamashii" [魂] which means "soul" - all the Smart Dolls that we ship now come with a Tamashii sticker on their heads. I believe that once the eyes are fixed inside the head, they get a soul meaning that they are no longer just an object - but something that you treat with respect - you know like when you see a Smart Doll just about to fall over and humans dive to save them screaming "nooooooooo!!!!!" - that type of respect.

Anyway - the other side has the CJ logo as I thought it would be a waste to have one side blank. The cord is long enough for humans too so you can go around with your Smart Doll in a pair look. To have your Smart Doll wear it - just decide how long you want the pendant to hang and tie a knot at the back. Made in Kagurazaka and Sumida Tokyo.