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Smart Doll - Mirai Suenaga


Smart Doll - Mirai Suenaga


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Mirai Suenaga now comes with her Medium Straight Hazel Wig, eyes (I feel silly saying that our dolls come with eyes but people actually ask), white camisole top & underwear together with the telescopic stand.
Folks can also upgrade to the apparel set which comes with the Ballerina V-Neck T-shirt (white), CJ pendant (which has the Tamashii logo on the flip side) corduroy trousers, socks and loafers.

All Smart Doll girls come with S bust - folks who want additional sizes can buy them separately here

Smart Dolls are made and assembled in Japan - read this post to see how.

末永みらいスマートドールは白いキャミソール、メイク済みヘッド、アイ、Medium Straight Hazel ウィッグと伸縮スタンドが含まれています。

アパレルセットにアップグレードすると、バレリーナ Vネック Tシャツ (白)CJペンダント(裏は魂ロゴ)、コーデュロイパンツ、靴下とローファーも付いてきます。