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Which is the right set for you? あなたにぴったりのセットは?

Smart Doll's are available in two different flavors - a "Sports Bra Set" & "Apparel Set." Guys normally wear bra's at home when nobody is looking but our Smart Doll guys don't which is why we've given them a pair of Boxer Shorts instead. If you are buying a Smart Doll for the first time then choosing either set is enough - you do not need to get anything else in addition - but extra accessories will enhance your Smart Doll experience.
 If you are going to keep your Smart Doll at home or in the office and prefer them skimpy then go for the Sports Bra Set - but the Apparel Set is way better value for your cash.

Choose the Apparel set if you plan on taking them out n about - and save money at the same time as it will cost you more to buy the apparel set items separately. If you take them out in the Sports Bra Set then they may catch a cold. Alternatively you may want to go for the Sports Bra Set and then choose to customize the look and feel of your Smart Doll by buying additional apparel items. You can see what items the current Apparel Set consists of on this page.
スマートドールは二つのセットで用意しています。「Sports Bra Set」と「Apparel Set」だ。スポーツブラセットにはスポーツブラと下着が付いています。ブラーを密かに家で着用している男子は世の中にいますが、スマートドール男子はそんなことやりません。なのでボクサーショーツを履かせています。

お家やオフィスで肌露出多めに展示したい場合はスポーツブラセットは十分ですが、アパレルセットはかなりお得。スマートドールを外に連れて行く目的であればアパレルセットをオススメします。スポーツブラセットで外に連れて行くと、スマートドールちゃんは風邪をひくかもしれないのでご注意ください。 もしくはスポーツブラセットを選んでいただき、スマートドールのアパレルでご自分でコーディネートできます。


Would you like to remove the Instabewbs filter for all busts in product listings? You can change your preferences in the footer menu. 商品一覧に出ているおっぱい写真のインスタバストフィルターを非表示にしますか?設定は今後フッターで変更できます。


By proceeding you agree that you read the introductory post and understand the handcrafted nature of our products.
You also agree that you read the before you buy post to understand why Smart Doll may not be what you are looking for.
Check the boxes next to the terms you agree with to proceed.
ご購入される前にスマートドールのデザイン思想を読んで理解してください。手作り商品のため、スマートドール本体にはホクロ、凹み、非対称、ユーズドアパレルにはほつれ、穴、むらなどが商品の表面に出ていることを理解した上でご購入ください。同意する項目をチェックし、決済フォームまでお進みください。 スマートドール購入履歴のないアパレルのみの注文はキャンセルされます。

Which is the right body type for you? あなたにぴったりのボディータイプは?

While the head and hands will be vinyl - you have a choice of two different types of body - one is referred to as Cortex and the other as Vinyl. Both body types are pre-built.

Both are made from the same 3D data and share pretty much the same shape and form - all our apparel, accessories and body parts are compatible with both body types. The fundamental difference is the material and the way they are constructed. Vinyl being more expensive does not make it better than Cortex. Neither type is more superior than the other and they both have their own strengths depending on your needs.

To find out more about the differences then read the Cortex or Vinyl post which should give you more info to make a decision.
スマートドールでは2種類の材質のボディーを展開している。ひとつは「コーテックス」(CORTEX)、もうひとつは「ソフビ」(VINYL) と呼ばれるものだ。別途記載がない限り、どちらの材質を選んでも頭と手はソフビだ。上の画像を見ても違いがわからないという方はコーテックスを選ぶことをお勧めする。コーテックスボディーもソフビボディーも組み立て完成品だ。




Chaos - Apparel Prototypes

Chaos - Apparel Prototypes

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Regular price Regular price ¥19,900 (¥21,890 税込)

Find out how much is ¥19,900 JPY in your currency?

WARNING! Photos are just an example of what you may get and does not reflect what you will actually get.
Do not buy due to the high risk of disappointment. But if you feel you are an easy-going person then please read the following before deciding whether this product is for you. There is absolutely nobody here trying to convince you to buy our stuff - only me trying to convince you not to buy ;-)

There are so many other great brands out there who offer much superior quality at much more consumer-friendly prices.  


Before we release products, we always experiment with a load of fabric / color types and the only way to do this properly is to make the actual product. Everything in "Chaos - Apparel Prototypes" are samples made to the same quality of a product. But because these are prototypes, we often pull and tug on the fabric and label to check the strength which is why there may be some loose threads/parts or wonky labels. Stuff that we feel are just not good enough for the outlet go outside Mirai Store where folks can take the items for free.

We also do extensive research and experimenting on dyeing and stonewash techniques - which means we end up with a ton of items that are of a different shade or stone wash-style to an actual product on sale.

We also experiment with different zip or button types so you may get a prototype that looks like a product that we have on sale - but comes with different zips or buttons.

In some cases, we make 2 or 3 of the same item to identify any consistency issues so if you buy one today and one tomorrow then you may get exactly the same prototype. If you order two at the same time, where possible we try to give you different products but this is not guaranteed. We do not check your purchase history to avoid giving you what you already got - chaos chooses what you get.

Some items don't go for a stone wash for whatever reason and will be sold in their pre-washed state.

Do note that we may eventually release something similar (or the same) in the future at a lower price point.

There could be items that have not been sold for a very long time, which we feel are good enough for this category - if you have been shopping with us for a while then you may end up with something you already have.

As you will not know what you are going to get, we will just do a blanket statement warning that all items are of a high staining risk. Stone-washed items may contain sand.

Some items may have labels on them such as the method of dyeing or prototype number/project name etc.

Some items may be color variations of items that have been already released. Some folks may not consider the color variation to be significant enough and feel cheated.

In some cases, during the shipping process, we may pick something where the quality looks questionable and reject it. In this case, we may over-sell and have no option but to refund what you paid for the item.

If you order one of this product then you will get one item - not two, not three - but one (numero uno). Photos are just an example of what you may get and does not reflect what you will actually get. Table or walls are not included.

There are pricing tiers - ONE being top tier. We allocate items in the available tiers based on what we feel is reasonable considering the research development cost and rarity value. Other things we take into consideration is the condition of the item.

Please, please, please do not buy if you feel that you may end up being "very disappointed" or "close to tears" that you didn't get what you want or that somebody else who bought from Tier ONE got something that you felt was of more value than what you got for Tier ONE. Or Somebody got something from Tier THREE that you felt was of more value than the item you got in Tier ONE.

Absolutely no returns or warranty provided. Only available for existing Smart Doll owners who have purchased from this site.

If you are starting to see red flags waving in front of your face then it's time to close the browser window and move along, move along... ;-)

About Chaos Items

I will try to keep the description of the conditions as short as possible because most people do not like to read ;-) I certainly hope that you are not such an entitled customer and learn the reasons behind the conditions.

  1. Chaos items are only available to existing Smart Doll owners who have ordered more than 2 times from this online store - not 2 items but two (2) separate times of any item or value. Each order must be placed at least two weeks apart.
  2. Chaos items may have blemishes or dust on it - do not consider the quality to be on par with our regular products unless otherwise stated.
  3. Some items may include prototypes.
  4. You cannot choose the contents.
  5. Photo are not representative of what you will get.
  6. If you leave a note with your order asking "I want you to pick out blah" or "I already got blah so don't send me blah," we will cancel and refund your entire order without warning.
  7. We do not check your order history so you may get the same thing you ordered last time.
  8. Chaos items are random meaning that if you buy two separate items then you may end up with the same thing.
  9. Vinyl parts may have flash attached.
  10. Chaos items may be packed in a recycled bag that has wrinkles or unrelated stickers on it.
  11. We do not check for spiders that may have crawled inside a part or bag so if you get bitten by a spider and find yourself with the ability to climb walls, please don't blame me.
  12. All Chaos items are non-refundable regardless of the quantity/color/shape/condition. 
  13. Prices are subject to fluctuate at any time.
  14. Chaos items do not come with a warranty nor are they returnable.
  15. Do not buy Chaos items due to high risk of disappointment.

この商品はアウトレット扱いとなり、保証なし、返金対応なしとなります。アウトレット扱いなので傷や不純物、場合によりは破損箇所が多数あることで購入はお勧めしませんし正直買わないで欲しい。 買えるのはスマートドールをお持ちの方のみでこのサイトで購入した経歴のある方のみ。新規の方は購入してもキャンセル+返金処理します。