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Tie Front Shirt (Gingham Red)

前結びシャツ (ギンガムレッド)

Tie Front Shirt (Gingham Red)

前結びシャツ (ギンガムレッド)

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How much is ¥6,900 JPY in my currency?

It's getting cooler in Japan right now so I thought I'd come up something to suit the weather - a Tie Front Shirt for when it suddenly becomes hot. Goes well with just about everything especially our denim line

I'm extremely pleased with the way this turned out after going through a ton of prototypes to get the creases and the look of the front tie looking just right. We wash the material once to prevent shrinkage after a second wash. After sewing, the final wash is done to introduce the wrinkles that give it a slightly used look. When you get it - just tie the front as you see in the photos. 

Designed to fit M - XL busts and just about XXL Kai with the headlights peaking out at you saying Boo.




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