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Smart Doll - Infinity


Smart Doll - Infinity


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The girl with an unseeming infinite amount of energy to not only study hard but play hard too. She loves jogging by the river each morning as the sun rises and regularly goes to the kickboxing gym.

Infinity looks particularly good with the Purple Sports Bra that she also wore on Japanese TV and any Purple stuff to match her eye color.

Read the Buyers Guide to find out what the Sports Bra and Apparel sets come with.

High demand is expected for Infinity who first debuted as a prototype over a year ago at Mirai Store Tokyo.


インフィニティーちゃんにはパープルのスポーツブラ&ショーツセットがよく似合い( 彼女がテレビに出たときに来ていたと同じ)、基本彼女のアイカラーと同じパープル系のアパレルアイテムも似合います。


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