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Which is the right set for you? あなたにぴったりのセットは?

Smart Doll's are available in two different flavors - a "Sports Bra Set" & "Apparel Set." Guys normally wear bra's at home when nobody is looking but our Smart Doll guys don't which is why we've given them a pair of Boxer Shorts instead. If you are buying a Smart Doll for the first time then choosing either set is enough - you do not need to get anything else in addition - but extra accessories will enhance your Smart Doll experience.
 If you are going to keep your Smart Doll at home or in the office and prefer them skimpy then go for the Sports Bra Set - but the Apparel Set is way better value for your cash.

Choose the Apparel set if you plan on taking them out n about - and save money at the same time as it will cost you more to buy the apparel set items separately. If you take them out in the Sports Bra Set then they may catch a cold. Alternatively you may want to go for the Sports Bra Set and then choose to customize the look and feel of your Smart Doll by buying additional apparel items. You can see what items the current Apparel Set consists of on this page.
スマートドールは二つのセットで用意しています。「Sports Bra Set」と「Apparel Set」だ。スポーツブラセットにはスポーツブラと下着が付いています。ブラーを密かに家で着用している男子は世の中にいますが、スマートドール男子はそんなことやりません。なのでボクサーショーツを履かせています。

お家やオフィスで肌露出多めに展示したい場合はスポーツブラセットは十分ですが、アパレルセットはかなりお得。スマートドールを外に連れて行く目的であればアパレルセットをオススメします。スポーツブラセットで外に連れて行くと、スマートドールちゃんは風邪をひくかもしれないのでご注意ください。 もしくはスポーツブラセットを選んでいただき、スマートドールのアパレルでご自分でコーディネートできます。


Would you like to remove the Instabewbs filter for all busts in product listings? You can change your preferences in the footer menu. 商品一覧に出ているおっぱい写真のインスタバストフィルターを非表示にしますか?設定は今後フッターで変更できます。


We want to make sure that Smart Doll is really what you are looking for. For this reason, we have set every expectation possible in the introductory post and the before you buy post. By proceeding, you agree that you have read and understood what you are about to buy into.

If this is your first time ordering, a human will send you mail with some questions specific to your order - the questions must be answered before we can ship out.
ご購入される前にスマートドールのデザイン思想を読んで理解してください。手作り商品のため、スマートドール本体にはホクロ、凹み、非対称、ユーズドアパレルにはほつれ、穴、むらなどが商品の表面に出ていることを理解した上でご購入ください。同意する項目をチェックし、決済フォームまでお進みください。 スマートドール購入履歴のないアパレルのみの注文はキャンセルされます。

1. Folks living outside the US may need to pay import taxes and customs duties - this is something decided by your government and not us. We have no control over these charges, nor can we predict what they may be. Please do not place an order if you are unwilling or unable to pay these taxes. 1. スマートドールのスタッフは、在庫が切れないように、夜遅くまで働かないといけない。

2. Any refunds processed will be based on the exchange rate decided by your bank/card company or Paypal - this means you may get back less than what you paid. Paypal has a document about this. 2. お客さんが商品を低価格で購入できるよう、スマートドールのスタッフや外注先の賃金を極力安くしないといけない。

3. True or false? Smart Doll products are of perfect symmetry and free of blemishes. 3. 本当か嘘か?スマートドール商品は左右対称で至らない箇所はひとつもない。

4. When will your package be shipped? 4. 発送時期はいつ?

Which is the right body type for you? あなたにぴったりのボディータイプは?

While the head and hands will be vinyl - you have a choice of two different types of body - one is referred to as Cortex and the other as Vinyl. Both body types are pre-built.

Both are made from the same 3D data and share pretty much the same shape and form - all our apparel, accessories and body parts are compatible with both body types. The fundamental difference is the material and the way they are constructed. Vinyl being more expensive does not make it better than Cortex. Neither type is more superior than the other and they both have their own strengths depending on your needs.

To find out more about the differences then read the Cortex or Vinyl post which should give you more info to make a decision.
スマートドールでは2種類の材質のボディーを展開している。ひとつは「コーテックス」(CORTEX)、もうひとつは「ソフビ」(VINYL) と呼ばれるものだ。別途記載がない限り、どちらの材質を選んでも頭と手はソフビだ。上の画像を見ても違いがわからないという方はコーテックスを選ぶことをお勧めする。コーテックスボディーもソフビボディーも組み立て完成品だ。




Smart Doll - Serenity (Tea)

セレニティースマートドール (TEA)

Smart Doll - Serenity (Tea)

セレニティースマートドール (TEA)

Select Body Type

Cortex Body

Regular price Regular price ¥42,000 (¥46,200 税込)

Find out how much is ¥42,000 JPY in your currency?

Your Fully Assembled Smart Doll will come with a sports bra set and a telescopic stand - no additional apparel unless you add some. Walls and sky not included. Photos showing doll with apparel are for inspirational purposes only. このスマートドール にはスポーツブラセットと伸縮スタンドが付属しています。


Serenity - always had a calm and tranquil dreamy look on her face. Separated at birth from her sister Trinity, Serenity was also brought up in a home - but this home was very different from the one Trinity was raised in.
Serenity’s home was a facility filled with grown ups running around in long white coats carrying clipboards. Occasionally one of these grown ups would take Serenity to a room which was filled with strange machines and TV’s. They would attach wires to her head and as they sat her into the chair in the middle of the room they would say “OK Serenity - ready for the usual checkup?”

Serenity would look up at the grown up and nod while smiling back but not say anything - while she could hear, she could not speak as she was born mute. Serenity was born with other genetic mutations which gave her the ability to accelerate the rate at which her neural pathways strengthen in her brain - meaning that she learned new skills fast - as in very fast - as in 50 times faster than the average human.

Neurons are cells located in the brain and nervous system that are responsible for transforming and relaying electrical signals that result in everything we do from moving our body to the way we think. Who we are is pretty much dictated by how Neurons are linked to each other. Neurons link with each other via something attached to them called a Synapse.
As an analogy, just think of a Neuron as a lego brick - they are more useful when you have many of them joined together right?
Now think of a Synapse as one of those round studs on top of a lego brick which joins two pieces of lego together - this join would be the pathway.

Pathways are formed between Neurons whenever we start to learn something. At first learning is difficult and takes effort but after repetition of doing the same thing over and over again, the pathways become stronger and less effort is required. For example, riding a bicycle for the first time - most of us will fall at least once and consume much energy while learning. After much practice it becomes easier and less energy is used. This is where the term “Practice Makes Perfect” comes from. So no matter how many times you fail when you start something new, try, try, try again and before you know it you will have newly formed neural pathways - the key is to never give up or those pathways that you spent so much time building will be removed in a process called Synaptic Pruning.

The brain is only 2% of your body mass but uses up 20% of your energy - it is wired to conserve energy - if it wasn’t then you would be using up too much energy and would have to constantly be eating like the American Pygmy Shrew. This is why neural pathways are created to help you do things easier and use up less energy.

One day after one of Serenity’s checkups, a group of the grown ups gathered together to discuss something of great urgency. It turns out that these “checkups” were experiments aiming to establish how Serenity had developed such abilities such as photographic memory, accelerated neural pathway generation and precision sensory and motor commands of her body that contributed to her athletic ability.

“Mr Secretary, we have established which genes are responsible for Serenity’s condition. Permission to proceed with Metamorphosis tests to produce the clone soldiers sir.”
“You have served your country well! Proceed. If we loose Serenity in the process, use her sister Trinity who is being kept by the Gopee family in London.”
“Understood sir.”

While Serenity can’t speak, her hearing abilities have been boosted to hear at levels that a normal human can’t - including the conversation with Mr Secretary a few corridors away.
While Serenity was startled and confused, she remained calm at the same time. She just found out that she had a sister who she had to rescue and that if she didn’t get away then she would be the source of Mr Secretary’s plot to create a clone army of super humans - Serenity was very well aware of the abilities that she possessed.

Serenity quickly formed a plan to get out of the facility. She had already learned the passcodes to access the local computer network where she was to find the location of the home that Trinity was being kept in. Serenity also knew the shifts of all the grown ups that worked there and also knew the passwords for each of the doors that lead her to the outside world and before anybody knew it Serenity was already half way to London to meet the sister she had never met…









セレニティーは口がきけないが、聴覚の方は通常の人間ではありえないレベルまで研ぎ澄まされている - たとえ廊下を何本も隔てた場所で交わされた大臣との会話であっても。

Smart Doll - Serenity (Tea) Smart Doll - Serenity (Tea)